Radeon 4870 x2 2gb no video signal win 7

Hi Guys
I have recently installed a SATA III PCIe card and a 1TB Cavier Black HDD. I installed a fresh version of Windows 7 x64 (and tried x86) and all would be fine until windows tries to load. It boots up to the win7 spash screen theen the monitor signal drops out. It seems like windows is still running fine in the background, but with a black screen. I don't have any other way to connect the screen either. I have tried to incorporate the new drivers in to the install dvd of windows 7 but to no avail. I have also tried to install on the new drive without the SATA III drive (running of the mobo's sata) and that also didn't work. Any ideas?? It's killing me because it worked pre SATA III HDD and doesn't seem to make sense.
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  1. Did you try the other video port on the GPU?
  2. Yeah I did try that. I havent got the right cables to try DVI to RGB or even DVI to VGA so I am not sure what happens then. I assume the same thing.

    It just seems very bizzare that the new HDD is causing the problem. As it worked fine before that drive was connected.
  3. Can you boot into safe mode?
  4. Yeah boots into safe mode, but not anything else - even low res
  5. Can you try it on a different monitor? I've been having a similar problem with my 5770 and my 5450. Loading screens, but no windows, will boot into safe mode. You can try going into the device manager, and taking out the AMD graphics drivers, use the standard VGA drivers, that should allow you to boot into normal mode, but you won't be able to game because you don't have the AMD drivers installed.
  6. It is using the VGA drivers as I cannot install the AMD ones even in safe mode (it says it cannot load device detect)
  7. Hmm. I be out of ideas then.
  8. It works on vista x86 ??! Killing me!
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