Upgrade for an old rig if possible

Hello guys, I'm new here and I really need help. I've been wanting to change a few parts on my old rig and it has the following

Gigabyte MA780G-UD3H -
Nvidia GeForce 9500GT
AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+
Kingston Hyperx 4GB DDR2 1066
My PSU is a 500W don't know what the brand is because it came with the case when i bought it

So here are my questions:

1. What processor would be good to upgrade it with and will be suitable for my mobo?

2. What's a cheap and good CPU cooling for my mobo socket? because the stock that I'm using is getting pretty loud now

3. I really want to upgrade my video card and it says my mobo can do crossfire, so what is a good, reliable to enough to run games on medium settings and affordable but not too cheap gpu that i can buy? (btw i'm just a medicore gamer)

4. Should i still add some more memory or 4GB is enough if i'm gonna do an upgrade with my processor and video card?

5. Finally should i buy a new psu? considering that I'm planning to do a crossfire and overclocking if possible

I will gladly hear your Recommendation and Suggestions! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Pretty much all AM3 CPU is supported so X4 955BE would be a good choice as an example.
    HD5770 or GTS450 would do as a GPU upgrade but if there is more money in the budget HD6850 and GT460 1GB would be candidates.
    4GB is fine on ram
    A quality PSU is always the basis of a stable system, great deal on this one at the moment
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    I didn't check compatibility, so I'm trusting rolli59.

    CPU: $140 Phenom II x4 955BE
    Cooler: $30 Hyper 212+
    Graphics: $140 Radeon HD 5850 w/ Coupon: MWM27388

    Cheap alternate:

    CPU: Athlon II x3
    Cooler: $30 Hyper 212+
    Graphics: Radeon HD 5770 can be found for $85 w/ rebate now and then CrossfireX them for some awesome performance down the line.

    RAM: You're good.
    PSU: Good deal for that antec rolli59 posted--not the best deal ever, but solid still. You won't be wasting more than $15 if you wait though. If you're never planning on using dual graphics cards, a 500W will do with all but the most powerful gpus. The PSU manufacturer matters for reliability. The Amperage on the +12V rail tells a lot more about capacity than listed wattage from a bad manufacturer (Logisys 600W PSUs have the same amperage as Antec 380W PSUs). You'll want at least 25A or so. I'd go for 34A.
  3. I agree with Dalauder but only because i went the cheap alternate route. I bought the Athlon II x3 450, and a ASRock 770DE+ motherboard so i could keep my DDR2 memory (4gb) and I upgraded to a MSI R5770 Hawk. Wow what a amazing difference from my stock Presario and a HD 4350.. I love my new setup, sure its not top of the line and i cant run Rift on Max settings totally but i can have them almost all the way up with 40-50 FPS. So it really depends on your budget but I can definately say that the "cheap alternate" is still definately a great choice for a budget pc. :) cheers!
  4. @delauder, rolli59: I've decided to get the AMD phenom II X4 for my processor, Tried to look for a combo at new egg, but all I see is with GTX 560s which is really way up my budget and I really don't need that High end card

    So I've been thinking about the video card that i should get. The GTX 460 1GB is pretty much even with the Radeon 5850 when not crossfired or sli

    If i go with the 460 the cheapest is this:
    and if i go with the 5850 sapphire really has a good deal on it compare to the same 5850's that costs around 200+. And one more I cant find any reviews on this card yet, i wanted to see what others think about it

    So what would be the best to get, 460 or 5850?

    @cored17: thought about getting the 5770 too but with the deal for the 5850 is quite tempting and a few bucks will really boost up my performance
  5. @fjnv--VERY IMPORTANT: A GTX 460 SE is NOT a GTX 460. It is a GTX 460 SE and is worse than the GTX 460 768MB.

    Once again, you should get the $140 5850 I linked above w/ the coupon code.

    The Phenom II x4 955BE is a great CPU. Do not confuse it with an 840, which is an Athlon II, not a Phenom II, despite what the name tells you.
  6. That Sapphire HD5850 is a great deal price/performance. I would not worry to much about reviews on it and just go by Sapphire reputation being the largest ATI (AMD) partner on the GPU market.
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