Which 1 of the 2 graphics cards would you think is best for me?

Hello. I have a question with a sincere honest answer or opinion. Looking to buy a new graphics/video card.

Okay, I found 2 graphics/video cads I like that are comparable in some ways.

Which one would you choose?

A. EVGA GeForce GT 440 1024MB DDR3 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card Video Card 01G-P3-1441-KR

B. XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 1 GB DDR5 DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card HD567XZNF3

The best two I could find for my needs that are similar in "some" ways, yet very different in others. Websites score them close with the Radeon slightly ahead. Both use *one* expansion slot -- becoming increasing difficult anymore to find one -- what I want! Major trade offs: 2 DVI ports -or- 1 DVI and DP port; DDR3 -or- DDR5.

My Major desires of a graphics/video card:

A. I am planning to spend $100 max. on a graphics/video card. Go over the cost *slightly* if necessary.
B. I'm looking for lower power consumption graphics/video card too.
C. It must occupy only *1* expansion slot. (This means the lower end graphics cards anymore since more expensive ones are 2 slots -- one for the card and one for the cooling.)
D. I desire a high anti-aliasing, high image quality -- like images and objects smooth.
E. I use professional ($$$) grade video and photo editing software -- that's the extent of my graphics/video card *stressing*.
F. I enjoy watching streaming videos in a high resolution.
G. I keep AT ALL TIMES my screen resolution to the monitor's max settings (1280x1024).
H. I do NOT want a video/grahic card that has VGA analog port. Digital DVI or better.
I. The newer the graphics/video card, the better.
J. I want no issues with Windows 7 Aero glass functions. I *always" want Aero enabled and functioning perfectly. No Windows 7 Basic mode visual.

Okay, my video graphics habit implications I know you're asking yourself...

A. I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (DirectX 11). I have 8 GB of RAM. My motherboard is the ASUS P5Q.
B. Basically, I am NOT a true blood gamer. To be honest, I rarely play games with the inherent downloaded Microsoft Games in Windows 7 at times. Bottom line: Not a gamer. I know this is very important in choice decisions.
C. I am using the DVI connection cable for an (1) older 19 inch Samsung SyncMaster 930B LCD Monitor. The DP port is the future over DVI.
D. I do much photo and video editing with the latest SONY, Pinnacle, Corel and Adobe professional products plus other like-products. I watch online streaming videos too. I want the best resolution.
E. I use the "highest screen" resolution AT ALL TIMES (1280 x 1024). I never switch out to a lower resolution.

Which one do you choose or do you know of something better based on my desires above?

Please reply.

Thank you!
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  1. there both good choices, if ur not gonna game theyll do fine, and if u game rarely it will still run games good at low details,
  2. don't bother GT440 with GDDR3. even the one with GDDR5 still slower than HD5670.

    this is the only review that i can find comparing GT440 (GDDR5) to HD5670:


    so in short just grab that HD5670. if you want something better you can look for these two but it add extra cost as well:


  3. ^+1 .....Ditto!
  4. Hello again. Thanks for the replies.

    Well, I made the move to the ATI Radeon HD5670. I ordered it.

    After some more deep researching (Thanks for your links!!!), I see the HD5670 is actually bettter than the GT440 in terms of performance. I see nVidia is not making too much in the lower end graphics/video cards, at least in the time being. Okay, the newer GT430 and GT440. They want to go for the gusto (powerful cards because that is where the money is at!) Yes, ATI is doing the same thing as well too. Just ATI does approach lower cost end consumers better. I see you do get more bang for your buck price-wise with ATI over nVidia -- better value. Yet, it it sometimes hard to compare features between two near close models of the two different brands.

    I see at the ATI website that once you go above the HD5670, all their graphics cards become the double stack (2 slot) graphics/video cards. I understand that the cards must then becoming too hot and the added layer for cooling is needed they figure. Often I see users love to have the one slot cards to conserve their expansion slots for other components like me. I have a PCI-E (x1) slot directly below the graphic/video slot on my motherboard that I HAVE TO USE!!!

    Again, thanks for your help!!!
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