Took out cpu put back wrong now computer starts but wont connect to monitor

hi took heat sink out to clean removed cpu replaced wrong way turned computer on it did hdd did not boot so took everything apart noticed cpu was in wrongly put it right and still computer turns on but hdd does not boot any ideas
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  1. I'm not an expert, But first remove ram and re install it,

    If it doesn't work do same thing to vga card and try
  2. When you say "removed cpu replaced wrong way" are you saying that you took out the CPU chip and then put it back into the socket in the wrong way? I hope no pins were bent on the CPU chip.
  3. Has to be a bent pin, this exact same scenario has happened to me on my first build. My cpu on my first build had 3 at min pins bent and they were the pins in the corner of the cpu. Maybe try a pocket knife or mechanical pencil to bend them back into place (If they are bent) Hope this helped!
  4. I thought it was impossible to put a CPU in backwards. How did you close the leaver and mount the heat sink with the CPU in backwards?
  5. This post is form 2011 guys. Lol.
  6. You guys got me this time. Ha ha very funny. You won't get me again. Next time I will look at the post age.
  7. FX6350 said:
    This post is form 2011 guys. Lol.

    XD Feel so dumb now. Did not see the date.
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