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Mother needs new pc and dont want go Dell route again , so remember reading Scan systems are pretty good. Could anyone back this up here?

V10 or V15 looked good to me .

Would a light user notice much differance between the 2 Cpu s G840 vs i3??

Cheers Kev
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  1. v15 for the better integrated GPU and processor as well as a larger harddrive all for L50 more.

    Otherwise, as stated in your previous post, she probably wouldn't notice a difference.
  2. For the 50 extra, I would grab the v15, but I don't know if your mom will know the difference if she is just checking mail and stuff like that.

    Hope this helped! ;)
  3. Thanks for replies

    Will probably go for V15 i3 as just sounds a more solid cpu and has usb3.0 on mobo too.

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  4. Hope it works well! :D
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