Which of these cards would you get?

Hello everyone, I am new to the site, have found a lot of search results using google for this site and always liked what I found so I figured I would ask this here.

I am looking to upgrade my video card, Geforce 9800gtx and I am looking at the Radeon HD 6850, in particular these two models-


Have blue cathode lights in my computer so the look of the gigabyte caught my eye lol, but which of the two would you pick? or if you were gonna spend $180ish any other cards you would chose?

My specs-

ASUS M3N78-VM mother board
8GB PC6400 DDR2 ram
128gb SSD with a 1tb 7200rpm for data
AMD Pheon II x4 945
PNY GeForce 9800gtx
750 watt power supply
LG BH10LS30 blu ray drive

EDIT- Also running games in 1920x1080 42"

Been a console gamer all my life until I got my first computer to game on in January of 05 since my coworkers convinced me to get one to play wow.
Over last two years or so I have gotten more into computer gaming.

I know eventually I will upgrade the motherboard and get one with DDR3 ram, but this holds me for now, got a WEI score of 6.9
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  1. Honestly I don't know, but I'd do some research about after-market service from the two companies if I was to decide which one to pick, if the $5 difference doesn't give you enough incentive to buy the gigabyte version.

    Both are good companies and both card have two fans(which is usually better than one), so based on the product itself, Id just go with Gigabyte because its slightly cheaper.
  2. I was looking at that also, but the XFX does have the $20 rebate.
  3. if theyre both same speed and offer the same cooling and xfx has a rebate whynot , id go with xfx,
  4. Yeah, I was leaning towards XFX because of that and the warranty, never used anything of theirs, just wanted to see what every one thought about them.
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    xfx is a good company., they now make great powersupplies, and ive had 3 videocards from xfx and the warranty is decent, none of them ever died on me, so ya xfx is a good company and reliable any time of the day id say :D
  6. hm.. ok, thank you :)
  7. bo problemo sir :D
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