Computer Restarting/Shutdown on startup 2600K, GB UD4 HELP

Hi Guys,

After just upgrading my computer today to the new sandy bridge line im experiencing some problems with the computer. I am unsure what it is, so i thought i should post here as im a little worried. The symtoms are whenever i go to turn on the PC or restart, it sometimes has trouble "starting up"in that it will start, load the motherboard logo and then Suddnely shut down and 2 seconds later restart. This happens 80% of the time the PC is booting up (especially if i click "DEL" to enter BIOS - weird?) So if i leave it, it usually just starts up fine? Once started and into windows i havnt experienced any random shut downs.

ALSO:: Ive stressed tested the CPU with prime 95 and it ran for 10mins without any problems, but i stopped because the temperature was around 72 so didnt want to hammer it with that PSU...

The specs are:
Core i7 2600K
gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3
Gskill 1333 DDR 8GB
Nvidia 9600GT
Thermaltake 450W PSU
Standard Intel Cooler btw

I know my power supply sucks for this setup but is that the problem? Ive actually ordered a Corsair TX950 but its 2 weeks away. So wanted to put the stuff in now....hopefully that wasnt a bad idea?

Can you guys let me know what your ideas are? I would really appreciate any thoughts or experience on the issue.
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  1. I've had an Abit board that did that along with a couple of Asus boards, I would suspect a dodgy motherboard or at the very least something amiss in the BIOS.
  2. thanks i tried updating the bios, but the problem persists. So could it be PSU? just weondering wether i should go out and buy one today (thermaltake toughpoer 875W before while im waiting for corsair?)
  3. I don't think that your PSU is the problem, but I've been wrong before.
  4. Just narrowed it down some more.

    The restart ONLY occurs when i hit the reset button on my case....It causes a clear and distincitive boot loop that basically goes like this:
    HIT REST and computer restarts
    Hits LOGO screen, computer shuts down and then turns back on 3 seconds later
    Computer boots up properly

    EVERYTIME i hit the reset button and no other time...

  5. Dodgy button?
  6. nah same case from my last pc and it was working perfect then.
    Did a search and people are experiencing similar issues..
  7. It seems to be a BIOS issue.
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