CPU Sensor Faulty?

So I recently upgraded to a new computer, bought all of the components and wanted to try building one for the first time. I must have goofed up somehow.

The temperature reading stays at 97*C for the CPU. Whenever I'd boot the computer the "Over Temperature Error" pops up and I'm forced to enter the bios where it gives me the reading. I've tried downloading programs that monitor your temperature like RealTemp and Coretemp but they say the same thing, temps above 90.

Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz (using the stock fan)

This has to be something done wrong on my part. I just put this computer together yesterday. At first boot, the CPU fan wouldn't run. But I was able to boot up the computer and enter the BIOS screen. Note that the CPU temps were normal here, like 30-40*C. Took me a minute to find out what was wrong, and while doing that I was booting the computer a few times to see if the fan would work. Then I started getting that over temperature error. I even took the fan out to see if there was anything wrong with it, then put it back into place. Remembering this makes me wonder if thermal paste needs to be re-applied. So I finally got the fan to work after realizing I'm a dummy for not seeing the fan cables restrict it's blades.

Then the temperature never went back down. I tried leaving the computer off for 20 minutes, didn't work. I left it off overnight and it still reads 97*C. So could the sensor be broken? Or does it really heat up that fast when I boot the computer? What can I do?
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    If it runs that hot it must be poor cooler installation, faulty cooler or like you said a bad sensor (or really bad case ventilation but unlikely if it gets to that temp. immediately). I would try reinstalling the cooler with new thermal paste before anything else.
  2. Looks like I still have a lot to learn about PC building. After actually taking my time reinstalling the cooler instead of excitedly slapping the computer together like the first time, not only did it fix the temp problem, but I found that the motherboard wasn't aligned with the back I/O panel, and found that I hadn't plugged in two of the stock fans that came with my NXZT Phantom case.

    This did the trick, temp reading at 44 idle.

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