Kingston ram to Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 compatibility?

Wondering on these two compatibility:
I am making my own pc for the first time and am using this Asrock motherboard. Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

I| have also got this ram from Kingston khx1600c9ad3b1k2/4g and was wondering on there compatibility together.

The pins match 240 and the DIMM3 dual channel but not 100% sure on the voltage (1.5v normal 1.65v if overclocked?)(mobo voltage I can't seem to find in the online manual?) I do not want to fry cpu or motherboard. Reading the mobo book I was still unsure and also the fact that its not on Asrocks memory charts has specified ram makes me even more unsure. :pt1cable:
So I thought I'd ask for advice on the matter. :hello:
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  1. That Kingston RAM is 1.5V and although Asrock may not have it on it's compatibility charts doesn't mean it won't work, just that they didn't test it. That Asrock MB has plenty of RAM settings in BIOS to tweak it if necessary but my bet is that it will work as it is just fine.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, its appreciated. :bounce:
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