If the power cord is not the problem with the cpu what could be other possible i

I changed and checked the power cords for an hp pavilion cpu. The green light in the back would go off and on for a few secs. then zero connection. What are the possible problems before I take it to an it person? I have fixed a few things and can be handy. thanks
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  1. Your problem is probably with the power supply or motherboard. The power supply can be changed by you if it's a standard desktop with atx ps. Newegg had one for $22 shipped yesterday. You simply unplug your old ps and gently remove each connector inside. Then use a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws on the back. If you want more help, please list your system model number.
  2. Thank you so much for your response. I found the fix. I unplugged everything from the mobo, then connected the power back first and waited to see if the fan would kick on----however, I had to reset the little red power button under the power cord. Then when the mobo powered up I just reconnected everything else.. That was not an original idea it came from the research. Thanks for your help
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