Laptop vs. Desktop i7 Quad Core @ 3.2ghz?

I've got an Alienware Aurora Desktop machine That's got an Intel i7 960 Quad Core @ 3.2ghz in it.

I'm about to purchase a Dell M6600 Laptop that's got an Intel Core i7 MQ2820 Quad Core @ 2.3ghz in it.

Aside from the obvious clock speed difference, are there any other meaningful differences in the two CPU's going from Desktop to Laptop that I should be aware of? My goal is to eventually replace the desktop altogether.
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  1. The Intel® Core™ i7-2820QM is a 2nd generation Intel Core processor. This means that it is dual channel on the memory and performs somewhere around 10% to 15% better than a 1st generation Intel Core processor (like the Intel Core i7-960) at the same speed. Now since these don’t come close on normal clock speed the only time that you would see performance at about the same level is plugged in and running a single threaded application on both then you would have a hard time telling the difference.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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