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Almost scared to buy a motherboard! Any help?

At the moment, I seem to be torn between the Asus P8Z68-V-Pro-Gen3 and the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P. I dont think I could go wrong with either as far as performance/features and what-not, my biggest concern is actually issues I read with bent pins, bootloop and things of that nature (Yes, these were mostly read through neweggs reviews). But also some of the manufacters(spell fail) responses and lack of accepting responsibility for said issues were a bit surprising.

Has any masses had better luck ordering through different sites(other than egg or tiger) and not seeing quite as many issues, or is it just a flat out chance game anywhere you suppose?

Also open to other suggestions on mobos (LG1155), system is:

NZXT Phantom
i5 2550k
EVGA GTX 580 SuperClocked
G.Skill Ripjaws X 1600 8GB(2x4) * *still debating on change
Corsair GS800*

Would like slight OC ability, and strong chance of SSD in the future. Open to all suggestions, thanks in advance!
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  1. Don't worry so much. For each person who has a complaint, there are thousands of others happily using their systems without problems. BTW, I prefer the gigabyte board.
  2. True that, and im sure there are hundreds who probably never even bother leaving reviews that are happy. I'm sure people are more prone to leave feedback from a negative experience rather than a great one. Not sure why I'm even being paronoid about this, I'm in no way a fanboi to any company, so I just dont have any kinda of gut feeling or anything, just curious if any had heard of a more reliable resource, thanks!
  3. If you live near a Frys or microcenter, they will match on line dealer prices and you'll have someone local to help you.
  4. Where I live, Wal-Mart is the center stage of our "town" lol I apprieciate the input though ive never heard of those places. I suppose I'm just being overly paranoid, still not sure which to pick, but I'll keep my trust in newegg. So I guess either Asus or Gigabyte it is, as far as what I listed, would either board fit in better than the other? This will pretty much be strickly for gaming, and as I said, I'd like a good option for mild OCing, nothing extreme. Thanks again in advance!
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    both boards are good i would worry to much about those things, bent pins are from incompetence, i have gigabyte the only issue is involving s3 sleep but that is an architecture problem not brand specific and it only happens when overclocking in place. i have never heard of boot loop on gigabytes, asus does have a nicer bios but i have had plenty of asus boards fail on me (3 from memory) but never any gigabytes, get the ram you have i have the same no issues and i wouldnt get anymore either the most any game i have uses, bf3, is 5 gig at ultra settings
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