Power doesnt turn off after shutting down the computer

my computer doesnt automatically turn off its power after I shut it down(which usually should).. and also when turning it on I have to use the switch on the PSU to turn on the power and then press the power button on the case.. I have tried using different PSUs but it still didnt work.. can someone please help me..


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  1. It's probably a software issue, but once I found a loose bracket to the power switch on the case. You might also have the case power switch wire on the wrong pins.
  2. more info would help... like is this a brand new build? or an old PC? and has it done it forever or just start?

    Have you checked the bios settings? Ive never heard of this issue... but i'd comb through the bios first. then try a bios reset to default and also pull the CMOS battery from your motherboard for a few minutes to ensure a reset. (its a little round battery on your motherboard - looks like an oversized watch battery)

    if it's older, maybe even get the newest bios downloaded for your motherboard
  3. This type of problem is not uncommon and is usually due to a faulty motherboard. Things to try are a new power supply (which you have already done) clearing the CMOS memory in case you are inadvertently overclocking the computer or have the power management options set to something funny. Always clear the CMOS memory the correct way by moving the clear CMOS link with the power cord DISCONECTED. Removing the battery does not guaranty that the CMOS memory will be cleared, the link is provided for a reason..
  4. pj is correct about the cmos... I only recomended the battery because you seem like a beginner at this stuff. if you want to do the CMOS link, google "remove CMOS jumper" or something like that and youll find help. its just a jumper connecting 2 pins on the motherboard, typically bottom of mobo
  5. Thanks for your help, I did remove the CMOS battery and I did reset it.. but still I got no luck.. I think that flashing the bios would do.. The Mother Board is brand new and an issue like this never happened when I first bought it like 6 months ago, I tried different cases, but still no luck..

    Thank you for your support..

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