MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) - MoBo Issue?

Hi All,

I recently took the plunge and purchased all the components to build a new PC (i am not typing to you on the new pc, this is where the problem lies) :D

What i Purchased:

MSI - X79A-GD65(8D) Motherboard
Intel i7 3820 cpu
corsair vengeance 16gb ram (4x4 ddr3)
corasair H80 cooler
OCZ Fatality 550w p/s
gigabyte radeon HD7870 2gb overclocked gpu
corsair 60gb ssd
2x seagate 1tb hdd's

All housed in a thermaltake overseer RX-I case

Seemed like a reasonable pc to play some games on i guess...

Put it all together, wired it all up nicely
Plugged in KB, mouse n monitor and switched her on.

Problem: everything appears to power up correctly, but it only stays powered up for about 5 seconds, then it switchs off, and then continues to repeat this process.
when it shuts down, the power light on the power button on the MoBo stays lit up, everything else turns off.
Debug display flashes 19, then 60 (or B0), then stops on FF (dunno if this gives us any clues)

Have stripped down the mobo to only:
CPU Cooler
1 4gb stick of ram

Problem still exists.

Help Please?
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    My first three thoughts are:
    1. H80 - you used the wrong standoff; you use the one sort of like ===||= not ===||=== the short end going into the CPU socket itself.
    2. PSU - if it's bad you get what's described.
    3. BIOS, the i7-3820 requires, latest is ; if the BIOS is then you might need to contact MSI for a 'free' solution.

    I really don't recommend a 550W PSU for you've got, and IMO a 650W~750W if you plan to OC.

    Make sure that (1) stick of RAM is in the correct DIMM slot per your manual, here's the ASUS's DIMM slot arrangement (MSI may be different) ->

    Try to Clear CMOS, use your Clr CMOS button but unplug the PSU for 5 minutes first and watch this video ->
  2. BIOS Codes -

    Ref -

    19 - Pre-memory South Bridge initialization is started
    60 - DXE Core is started
    B0 - DXE execution up to BDS
    FF - Recovery errors (PEI)
  3. Thanks for replying.

    I have now read a couple other posts on various websites which all point to the same thing.
    Many people are having to use 1.5 or newer Bios with the 3820.

    This is fine,

    My question now is:
    How do i flash the bios without having a functioning system? (cant get it to boot)

    (i have read the instructions on the MSI site, but none of which mention a none booting system)
  4. Well, you don't, that is on MSI.

    When I stated "then you might need to contact MSI for a 'free' solution." that means to RMA the MOBO to MSI for them to flash the BIOS (3+ weeks). Well it's 'free'ish' the cost of shipping to MSI...

    Other choices:
    1. MSI via RMA ; shipping cost
    2. Borrow a supported i7-39X0X CPU ; free (good luck)
    3. Shop that has a supported i7-39X0X CPU ; for a fee (probably your best and fastest choice, call 1st)
    4. RMA the MSI for an ASUS X79, the ASUS X79 offer USB BIOS Flashback and don't require a CPU or RAM to update the BIOS ->
  5. hmm im getting scared to buy 3820 now, i was about to buy same build at the end of this month but the board comes with TT frio advanced bundle, however my question is do MSI shipped their motherboards with the updated bios already? and since when? (just in case someone knew) because i might ask the store for more updated one in their shelves. otherwise i will go for more expensive asus and dont have the Frio bundle. :(
  6. Sorry for the late reply,

    I ended up,sending my mobo back to the supplier, they ended,up just updating the bios (on myrequest) and sending it back.
    I reinstalled all 16gb of ram and gpu and it booted first go, aNd did not display any error codes.

    (sorry,for,spelling/grammar, typing on phone)
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