8-Pin Wont Fit in motherboard.

Hey guys, I'm building a computer for my friend, but the psu he supplied me with doesn't seem to have the right plugs.

The motherboard is a ASRock 970 Extreme3, and the PSU is a Cooler Master RS-650.

The 24-Pin connector plugs in fine, but my problem is the 8-pin connector. It will not fit. The first 6 plugs do, but the last 2 don't.

Will I be needing a different psu? If so, what kind will work?

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    If you are using a "6+2" connector, you are using a PCIe power connector designed for the video card. You need the "4+4" pin connector for CPU power.

    The connectors are not interchangeable. Using either in the wrong place will result in shorting 12 volt power directly to ground.

    Good call on detecting a problem and asking instead of just forcing things. If you had managed to connect the plug and were lucky, the overload protection circuits in the PSU would have electronically shut the power supply down. If you were unlucky, you could have fried something expensive.
  2. Thanks JSC. :) I was just a bit confused, as my computer has an older mobo, so it's a tad different.
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