Need a budget but reliable PSU for HD6950 2gig /quad core phenom 2

Hi there, I should not that im not much of a cpu hardware person and trying to work out what PSU i need is driving me crazy.

I inherited an unused computer from my father, which had no GPU, just quad core phenom 2 (unsure of mhz) 2gig ram, one 500g HD and dvd writer, and 2 large case fans (to give rough idea of what i need to power)

So i decided to invest in a 24 inch screen and the HD 6950 2gig GPU.

Unfortunately when I checked the psu in the comp its just a generic 450watt, and ati recommend I have at least 550.

Normally I would just buy a cheap psu like as I have pretty much blown my budget on the gfx card (im broke now :P)

The problem I am having is this: (from installation guide)

The following power supply and connector configurations:
• A 500 watt or better power supply with two 75 watt 6-pin PCIe power
connectors for the AMD Radeon™ HD 6950.
• A 550 watt or better power suplly with one 75 watt 6-pin PCIe connector
and one 150 watt 8-pin PCIe connector for the AMD Radeon HD 6970.

Its these 2 pcie connectors that I cant work out. I was hoping someone could recommend a few budget psus that would work with this card. I'm completely out of my depth on this, I need them to be below £50-60 if possible, reliable (as far as cheap gpus go) and enough power to not worry about pushing card to limits :D

I will not be overclocking or anything like that.
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  1. thanks :) that site is really good it lists all the connections very handy :)
  2. Off topic but I strongly advise you to get another 2Gb or more of system RAM.
  3. I'm not sure if you can order from or not... but if so...

    they have an OCZ 700watt modular power supply for like $50us after rebates right now.

    I have one running a GTX480 and phenom 955be, both overclocked with no issues.
  4. ordered the corsair gaming one recommended in the 1st reply :) for no real reason than that i want one fast and im tired of reading about psus for one day.

    yeah wasnt sure about the ram, but being ddr2 its cheap enough to not be a problem. I have never run x64 windows before so I need to do some research into that first.
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