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HAF X SATA Dock Backplane problems

I've had my HAF X 942 for about a month now with a ASUS P67 board installed. I have two hard drives in RAID 0 and initially both were installed in the SATA dock slots. I've been having problems with drive errors, RAID errors, drives missing from RAID configuration, and drives missing from BIOS detection. This was a off an on problem over the last 3 - 4 weeks since setup completion. I kept thinking it was a drive error but I've run drive diagnostic software on both disks and they are fine. So, then I thought it was a BIOS software problem or possibly SATA port problem but it's not. Like I said it was a iffy situation. I could have my PC on for hours and then all the sudden blue screen and then I get hit with the above listed drive/RAID problems. After a while, everything is back to working and then it starts all over again. That's what drew me to the SATA dock. I finally removed the two drives from the SATA dock back plane, connected SATA cables directly, and the problems seemed to have disappeared. Anyone know if there's a problem with these SATA docks and if so is there a fix or something? The SATA dock is one of the items that drew me to this case.
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    my haf x did exactly the same--had to stop using them in raid--yet individually the hot swap bays they work ok--different board from you--gigabyte ex-58-ud5--am in the middle of emailing them about it--plus one of the hot swaps doesnt quite line up right so got to wiggle it about and push to get it on--also asking them about the usb 3 motherboard header to front usb ports as seemingly they are available now and all haf x owners should be entitled to them free
  2. I didn't have any line up problems. Plus it was only one dock port that was causing the problem. Same drive every time based based on the slot it was in. I haven't contacted their support site yet. Still waiting on their forum to see if there may be a resolution that I haven't heard of. I did come across a few other board posts with the back plane problem. Not sure why CM hasn't addressed it yet. The only response from the CM board towards my post on this was wondering what Sata type I was using. Not sure why that would be a factor. It's a Sata dock. Not sure how long you've had your case but I did get the usb 3 front ports. Just changed them out with the usb 2 cable that came with the case. I'm good with usb 2 for now.
  3. the usb 3 cable that came with it was a workaround--it went out the back of the case and connected to the rear usb 3 ports--the new cable stays inside the case and connects to the motherboard headers

    will have to wait and see what reply they give me--but its a total hassle if you have to dismantle the whole build if they say return the case to them--plus they usually stick you for the postage as well
  4. Yea, I know what you're talking about. Seen it with other cases. I bought my case about 45 days or so ago and the new cable is included. It was already tied into the cable management system as the other front panel ports. Like I said, I just changed mine out for usb 2 cable.
  5. thanks--its good to know the newer ones are shipping with the new cable in them-got mine 6 months ago--so if they give me any rubbish on the email about it not being available yet i can say people buying it now have the new cable
  6. Yep. Like I said it's zip tied right in with all the other wiring from the front panel. GL on getting the replacement.
  7. mcnumpty23, I got a response on the dock problem. According to the customer support rep, the dock plane does not support Sata III which doesn't make since to me. Doesn't solve my problem considering I'm using Sata II.
  8. yeah im only using sata 2 as well--not planning to use sata 3 till ivybridge what i have now is powerfull enough to negate the need to upgrade it to sandybridge--so my motherboard doesnt have sata 3 at all which is what i will be telling them if the give me the same reply you got--anyway as far as i was aware you can plug a sata 3 drive in a sata 2 port--just not going to get full mbs out of it if you have one of the latest ssds that do faster speed like 500mbs

    my email went to support in the netherlands where did yours go to? and how long till they answered you?
  9. It's was US/North America but that was the above forum support on the matter. Never contacted CM's actual customer support on the problem just a component replacement request.
  10. will see how i get on with their customer support--theres none in the uk--thats why i hope they dont say dismantle and send the case cos its a pain and i would have to post it to holland--plus would have to put it all in another case temporarily and my graphics card is huge thats why i got the haf cos its got the support bracket that takes the weight of my asus direct cu triple slot gtx570 not keen on the idea of putting it in another case unsupported
  11. didnt take them long--they have offered to give me the usb 3 cable from this link--which one does yours look like

    they also said they would send me a new backplane--no problem at all --no nonsense like you got-- just have to give them the serial number they didnt even ask for a receipt
  12. I'm pretty sure it was just the cable. The only bay/bracket usb 3 I have came with my ASUS board. I had a lot of parts laying around during the build. Got kind of confusing. Everything came at once and I was in overdrive.

    It looks like the usb 3 cable isn't long enough to go from the front I/O ports to a MB especially if you use cable management. Plus it looks like a male header connection. Not sure about your board but never seen a female header connection. You may have to go with one of the bay versions.
  13. yeah did wonder about the male header and the length--will maybe send him another email and try to get the 5.25 bay out of them as i cant use a 3.5 bay as the original cases didnt come with a 5.25 to 3.5 bay adaptor--one of the only faults i could pick with the case for that money it should have been included--but i think they put it in the later versions

    cant fault their support so far--polite and efficient as you would expect from the dutch--and didnt try to say its not the backplane its your hardware or software at fault--i double tested all my stuff anyway and its fine so i know its the backplane--but its nice not to have to argue the point with them
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