How to use the back usb 3 port at front in asus P8H67-V

my friend brought asus P8H67-V it has 2 usb 3 ports at back as he feel tough to plu his usb at back he wanted to use them at front how to make the usb 3 ports at back to use at front .. i heard of usb 3 cable bracket but i provides usb 3 connector for mobos which has front midboard usb 3 capability but this mobo P8H67-V has only 2 at back..pls give a solution.
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  1. Newer cases have the proper usb 3.0 internal connection for front usb ports. Haven't heard of an adapter for older usb 2.0 connectors. The pin cluster is bigger with 3.0. May be time for a newer case.
  2. Some of the USB3 drive bay options are supplied with cables that pass out a hole on the back panel and plug into the back panel. Read the details carefully and you'll see which is which.
  3. this board has usb 3 at backpanel.i saw some connectors which connects the board at the back and make it to use at the front..i dont know the name of that thing..any idea
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