I7 940 with corsair 12gb ram 2000mhz p6t se asus

I can't connect 12 gb ram 2000 mhz corsair in asus p6t-se triple channel. Can you help me?
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  1. i have procesor i7-940 2.93mhz
    4x3gb ram corsair 2000mhz
    ati 5970 sapphire 2gb
    asus matherboard p6t-se
  2. can you please elaborate on "can't connect"|? (ex: Physically doesn't fit, System never boots, Can't overclock all the way to 2000mhz).

    Also, can you please reply with the exact corsair part number you're using?
  3. System does not recognize 12 Gb but only 4 GB. How can i solve this. Bios update or special configuration on Bios.
  4. Doubt you need a BIOS update for this. Most likely the modules are either not in the right slots, or they are not perfectly seated in their slots.
    The former, for this board, they need to be installed in slots labeled DIMM_A1 DIMM_B1 DIMM_C1. This is basically every other slot, starting by populating the 1st slot at the edge of the board furthest away from the CPU.
  5. I did that but still i have 4 instead of 12 GB. Please help!
  6. Sorry for my delay here
    Few questions:
    Have you tried each module individually? (This is to insure each module is working)
    What is telling you that 4GB is identified? (Windows, BIOS, CPU-Z - if you've not looked in the other places, please report what they are saying)
    What version of Windows are you using? (please confirm 32bit or 64bit)

    What speed have you tried the modules at? (E.g., have you slowed them down from 2000Mhz?)
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