Can we use vengeance ram with xms3 ram ???

Can we pair up A vengeance Ram with Xms3 Ram if they have same bus speed and frequency ??
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  1. If the voltage, speed and timings ( cas latency ) are the same then it should work.
  2. Probably not. The XMS kit is old 1.65v DDR3 1600 while the Vengance kit is the newer 1.5v DDR3 1600 standard.

    Do not use the 1.65v stuff with a LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge processor. The memory controller is on the actual CPU with these chips and they should be run with 1.5v memory only. You are fine running 1.65v RAM with an AMD build or with an LGA 1156 or LGA 1366 setup though.
  3. What if I use Processor i5-2500 3.3Ghz with 1.65v Ram probably XMS??
  4. No, as I said above Sandy Bridge processors should be used with 1.5v memory only. Running 1.65v memory can actually damage the processor. Any i5 2xxx or i7 2xxx series CPUs are Sandy Bridge.
  5. And what should I use for Ivy Bridge...??
  6. The same. 1.5v
  7. Okay last question...

    If I ever buy memory(RAM) what should I buy 8GB-Value Select or 4GB Vengeance...??
  8. If you plan on adding an aftermarket cooler to overclock get either the low profile Vengance or GKill Ripjaws X. The high heat spreaders on the normal Vengance will get in the way.

    Best RAM for the price right now in my opinion.

    The low profile Corsair.
  9. No, only pick from these two ...

    8GB-Value Select or 4GB Vengeance.
  10. You are probably better off with the 8GB. The best RAM for a 2500 processor is 1.5v DDR3 1600 cas 9.

    The GSkill is just as good as the Corsair ( lifetime warranty ) and usually cheaper.
  11. Will this Intel DH67CL motherboard support upto 16GB of RAM or 8GB is maximum? It's specifications say that it supports up to 32GB of Memory.!!!
  12. If it says it will support 32GB then it will support 32GB. 4 x 8GB sticks.
  13. Any chance of malfunctioning ?
  14. Of what malfunctioning? 32GB of RAM? No, if the board supports it then it will run it. The only reason to even consider that much RAM is if you work with photo or video editing or other software that involves huge files. Or if you wanted to create a RAM disk. For a gaming machine 8GB is fine and even 4GB will work fine for most games.
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