6950 1GB or MSI 560 Twin Frozr

In singapore I can get a sapphire 6950 1 gb or a gtx 560 twin frozr at the same price. Looking at the benchmark, i would say the 6950 is losing a bit. But I know for sure the 560 target competitor is the 6870.

So which should I get??
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  1. If your case can accommodate the size and power requirements of the HD6950, it should provide better, across the board, performance than the GTX560.

    What are you using now? Also, what make/model of PSU are you using?
  2. I have the following parts coming:
    i5-2500k ASUS P8P67 PRO, Samsung Spinpoint F3, Corsair Vengeance 8GB and Seasonic M12II 620W.

    The PSU is probably good enough to power a single GTX580.

    What I'm looking for is a GPU good enough to give me a min of 60FPS for 90% of the games out there on a 1080P monitor.

    I do have some experience OC GPUs, so which card can give me better performance after a slight bump? Benchmarks says 560Ti is a OC monster.
  3. The 560Ti does OC well, but I still recommend the 6950. Nice PSU, by the way.

    Good luck, you really can't go wrong with either GPU and both OC well.
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