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I am looking for a good read on CPU parking in Windows 7. I have an Acer Aspire 5742-7120 with a Core I3-370M 2.4, 4GB Ram, 320 HDD. After installing the Microsoft Windows update in early June, 2011, Cores 1 & 3 are always in a "Parked" state.

The CPU is supposedly fine. All cores do perform when is stress test the system. However, I multitask alot and have noticed a troublesome degrade in performance.

I cannot find ANY decent information to read so that I can learn about the issue and possibly fix it. No real documentation from MS, Intel or Acer. Most forums on the topic start well and then degrade into a bunch of techno babble, psycho bullshit for lack of a better word.

I just want some clear, non-biased information on this issue. Please help.
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