Asus P7P55D Cycles red to green

When I started my system today I noticed the cycle from red to green, and that it was making a noise. So I shut my system down and started it up again. No more noise (I believe it was my fan) but I noticed a weird cycle..

For the first time today I noticed that my system was showing a RED LED light in 3 areas, then it went to green as the system started up. I have not noticed this before, it may occur all the time for all I know, but today I did notice it.

Everything seems to be working fine, my SSDs are accessible, as are my HDDs. My RAM is working, my PC is running as normal.

This is how it went: Top left RED LED - Top right RED LED - Bottom right RED LED - Bottom left GREEN LED (I see the green LED going on now).

Does anybody know what this may be? Should I update my BIOS? Is it normal?

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  1. I just updated to the recent BIOS, but I still noticed the red light cycle to green. Im starting to wonder if this is even an issue since everything is fine? Or will I notice it later when my system explodes randomly (lol)?
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