Please suggest a graphic card for Samsung PX2370 23\

here's the requirements for my gaming computer:

1- call of duty mwf2 on highest quality
2- a graphic temporary card for less than 150$ or wait for crysis 2 to get a new graphic card for 500$ max

so the question is , should i get a high quality one considering that crysis 2 is not out yet so no reviews on the current graphic cards

i dont want to think i wasted money on a graphic card that wont be able to run crysis 2 on good quality , i am new to PC gaming and very much confused :pt1cable:
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  1. Please provide the basic specifications for your system so members can make a proper recommendation. Good luck!
  2. What kinda performance do you expect from Crysis 2? Even powerful single video card can struggle with the original Crysis at max settings. Meaning under 40 FPS.

    Crysis 2 is expected to have slightly lower requirements than Crysis. However, if you want to use Tessellation is which part of DX11, then expect a drop in performance because Tessellation requires a bit of processing power.
  3. Here's a performance chart with some high end graphics cards. The CPU used in the benchmark is an i7-980X Extreme Edition. If you don't have that CPU, then I would say knock-off between 5% - 20% performance depending on which CPU you have.
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