Help with ATI HD4200 Integrated GPU upgrade

Hi all, trying to help my friend upgrade his gpu and I need some help.

His computer model # is p6331 p-b, its an HP. He uses an AMD Processor currently
his motherboard model number is 435764-001, I had to look that up online.
His current GPU is an integrated card, an ATI HD 4200
I'm finding out very little online about this pc, even on

I have a Galaxy GeForce 9500GT I was going to give him , and a 450 Watt Power Supply. Power supply is in fine, card went in fine and the pc booted up. however once inside windows an alert popped up about the card not being ATI. Do I just need to update the drivers on the Geforce for him and then disable the Integrated ATI Card through BIOS? I thought most card would disable an integrated card once installed, but I could be wrong.

If my card will not work in his machine I was going to recommend he get an ATI Radeon 5570, link below...

or for just abit more an ATI Radeon 5670, link below...

So if the Geforce will not be compatible, could you guys make sure those cards would be for me. thank you very much!
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  1. remove ati drivers first
    then install nvidia drivers for 9500gt
    if your getting video from card than shouldnt have to touch the BIOS
  2. alright, so just to make sure I have it correct. Put in the card, boot up the pc. install nvidia drivers and then uninstall the ATI drivers?
  3. 1. Boot PC
    2. Uninstall ATI drivers
    3. Shut down
    4. Install nVidia card
    5. Boot PC
    6. Go into the BIOS
    7. Disable the integrated video
    8. Save and exit BIOS; PC will reboot
    9. Install nVidia drivers when logged in
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