I want to add more volume to sound files downloaded to my computer

I do medical transcription at home for a local company. We use a digital dictation system (EMR) and we sometimes get files with very low volume. I have volume controls on my headset, but they will not add any volume, only take away excess volume. I have heard there is a sound card that allows you to add more volume to an otherwise good sound file that could be heard if there were an ability to move that volume up manually, to amplify it. I am researching this for my company and would like any information you could give me that would point me to the right products to do this ie. where to find them and possibly trial one to see if they do help with that problem.

I would appreciate any answer you might have for me.



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  1. You could get a simple headphone amplifier - HeadRoom sells a number of them, for example.
  2. Only takes volume away?

    MP3gain is a program I've used before to normalize songs. Should work in your case. Make sure you only work on copies however. I doubt you want to accidentally do something and destroy your only copy...
  3. I don't know if this is on all 2.0 speakers but my speakers, Logitech X-140, has a headphone jack on the front right speaker and I can control the volume from my computer as well as the volume knob. I would imagine that an in-line volume control for headphones might make it even louder.
  4. Audacity is nice free software with a relatively high amount of function.
  5. yes audacity can apply simple compression. its free.
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