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Hello everybody,
I want some help regarding the ram, i have read that on a 32-bit system even if u install 4gb of ram it will show u three. What is this? It just shows three and works on four or works on three?
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    32 bit addressing can only read 3-3.5GB RAM depending on the OS, so yes, it is true...

    That's why all the big box companies are finally installing 64bit OSes
  2. Does that have something to do with the processor?
  3. Because once i was installing the windows it asked me about the bit ( i.e 32 or 64 ) my friend told me that if your processor is 32-bit then go with 32 bit
  4. What is your processor?
  5. its core 2 quad q6600 2.4 ghz 8mb cache fsb 1066
  6. the Q6600 is 64bit processor.
  7. I guess that means i wont have this problem of ram, i mean installing 4 and shown 3. Isn't it?
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