Use PSU to power LED

Hi, I was just wondering if this is possible

Can I use the PSU to light up LEDs
The reason is because the case I want doesnt have LED fans, and I dont want to replace the fans for LED fans, but rather just add LEDs in some spots.

I can power it from like batteries or internal usb or something, but I was wondering if I can power up the LED from the PSU directly.

This is the PSU:
I will not use all the cables, so I can mod one.

I see so much people with pictures of their case with all of these LEDS, and I wanted to know how they power it. And, I guess it is from the PSU. But it doesnt look that simple as a battery where you just add a resistor and LED, and it works...

How do I do this with the PSU, and with what volt rail?

I first want to know if it is possible, then I will order the LEDS, but most likely I will get this.
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  1. I think this is very dangerous if you're not a professional !
    you will need a lot of time for mounting it, if you make a mistake and broke up the component PSU and then .... you'll be sorry.
    you do not know which one current would you take, the LED that you show in the picture: the standard is 3.5V, while the rail PSU is 12v, 5v and 3.3v ... the easiest is that you take the 12v (yellow) that have the greatest Ampere and need Resistor 100 ohm - 560ohm.
  2. Hi
    yea I figured it would be really dangerous and complicated.
    But, I though it might be easy cuz I seen a lot of pictures with mods where the whole inside is lighted up, and I wanted to know how they do that.

    I am sorta good with electronics and stuff like that(I make some awesome things from stuff in radioshack parts drawer-its a little side business to help with the money issue for stuff, haha) , But I will not call myself anything close to a professional.
    Thanks for the help!

    Do you know how they put like 100 of LEDS in their case?
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    ohhh sorry mistake in above langguage Gap, .. you means want 100 Led in the case ..right ? read this guide :
    from PSU just need pin cable LED + 12v (yellow) and Black (ground)

    and here other Guide like you want
  4. Thanks! I really like the 2nd guide, now I have to look for some cheap 12V LED strips.

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