Update bios with .bsb file ?

Anyone know how to update through a .bsb file ?
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  1. use the manufacturers update tool.
  2. Huh? Normally it's a (.ROM) file. Only use a BIOS from the OEM site and NEVER anyone else's website; some so called BIOS files are infected files and/or insert a BIOS virus!

    Q - What MOBO?
    Q - What CPU?
    Q - If this is an OEM then what Model? ; OEM it's best to use their tools. The BIOS often lacks more accepted BIOS level + Flash Drive methods.

    Q - Why do you feel you need to update the BIOS?
  3. @Jaquith
    I have a Biostar 945gc m7 te motherboard.
    I currently have a Pentium 4 and want to upgrade to e7200.
    But tts a 45nm proccy and my mobo would need a bios update to support this processor .
    here is the link -

    I have installed Bios utility in the bios section.
    But I dont know how to install .bsb file.

    btw I was wondering if all the updates would have been installed through that utility as its newer ( 2nd jan 2012 ) ?
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    download the BIOS. run the utility. select the BIOS file.

    As an option you could also have read the instructions on the same page as the BIOS utility you downloaded. I guess ill directly link you... I'm just sayin
  5. oops :p
    I didn't checked the pdf :p
    Ok thnx
  6. hitesh12 said:
    oops :p
    I didn't checked the pdf :p
    Ok thnx

    LOL, NP. The icon was really small too. Just amused me you were so close :)
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