What Motherboard to purchase??? Sandy Bridge Setup

Keep in mind I have a Revo SSD PCI 4x.
I am already aware of the forum below
http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum ... otherboard

Budget is essentially unlimited. Although I am not wanting to spend more than roughly $600 on cpu/mobo/ram
And honestly. do I need all the bell's and whistles of the higher end MOBO's? Some things like the UEFI, sata 6gb and usb3.0 i will need

I have already purchased and/or moved everything from my old computer.

Stuff from my old comp:
XFX 5770
creative soundblaster extremegamer fatal1ty sound card
cd/dvd burner
extra hd's

New stuff already purchased:
Mybook 2tb external HD
Revodrive OCZ SDD
PC Power & Cooling
2x 1tb Samsung HD's for RAID 0
CPU Cooler
CPU (not yet purchased)
RAM (undetermined please feel free to leave suggestions)

So now it comes down to the RAM/MOBO
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  1. First one question, are you planning on having multiple GPU's? From the rest of your post I assume you are only going to use one. In that case a simple but solid mobo like this will meet your requirements (it has only 1 PCIe 16x slot though). Its got UEFI, usb 3.0, 6gb sata, and the P67 chipset for overclocking.


    If you are planning on running SLI/CF you will probably want a different board with more than one 16x slot
  2. JackNaylorPE - Excellent choices.
    Might consider
    @$150. Very slight better Timing (Never Notice the diff. Voltage is 1.60 vs 1.65. What I use.

    @$120. CL 8 @ 1.5 V

    Might want to wait 2-> 4 weeks. Hopefully the Z68 chipset will be out.
    @ around $400 for Gigaybte UD7 (top of their line) on the expensive side. Hopefully a UD4, or 5 will also be out at a lower price.
    Recent thread:
  3. Thank you for the suggestions.
    I am giving this old computer to my girlfriend in a trade agreement. she gets the old computer, I get window tints and my car buffed and detailed. She gives the car guy a few massages.

    I am leaning toward the asus p8p67 evo comparing to the asrock extreme 6.

    thoughts that may sway me. other than it looks wayyy better.
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