Lexmark Prevail Pro 705 Wireless issue

Please someone reply. I've been trying to get this work, with Lexmark Technical Support as well, for several hours with no improvement. I bought a Lexmark Prevail Pro 705 yesterday for the main purpose of allowing me to print via my Linksys WRT320 router. The configuration is:

-Linksys WRT320 hooked up to cable modem for wireless Internet access.
- Home-built desktop computer hooked up to router via wired (ethernet) connection.
- Lenovo Thinkpad notebook on network.

I set up the printer on wireless using the desktop computer and it works just fine. The printer shows up as it should (Pro 700 series Network) in Devices and Printers. I seem to be able to print just fine. When I open the network tab it also shows up. The printer is displaying "green" on the front panel indicating connection to the network.

I'm working right now (actually a while now) to get the Lenovo notebook to print wirelessly. I have wireless Internet connection, and the desktop computer sees the laptop on the network. No matter what I do, however, I am unable to get the printer set up on the notebook. It says it can't find the printer. I allowed the Lexmark tech to remotely connect to my notebook and he tried a bunch of stuff, using the IP address, setting up using the USB cable (I can actually install the printer with USB, but not wireless), etc. and nothing allows the printer and notebook to communicate. Can someone provide any more advice? It's very frustrating. Is there a router or network setting prohibiting things? Both the desktop and laptop have Windows Firewall and Avast enabled but the settings are the same why should the desktop work on not the laptop?
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  1. Update. After spending another 2 hours with Lexmark, they were able to get the printer to print a test page with me setting up an ad hoc (computer to computer) wireless network and printing a test page that way. They say that since that worked it means that there is something wrong with the laptop and it is Lenovo's responsibility. I'm not sure I understand, as the laptop sees my desktop, and can access shared files, as well as the Internet connection through the router. Can someone please confirm?
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