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GATEWAY GT5422E Bios Upgrade

Hi... I just bought a cheap, yet hopefully slightly better, graphics card for my Gateway GT5422E. It's an NVIDIA GEForce 210. It seems to work great, but now I have no sound out of my on-board audio. I'm using DVI to my monitor (not HDMI), so I need to keep using the onboard audio.

Nvidia help pages and Google searches both say I have to go into BIOS and switch the Onboard Audio setting from "AUTO" to "ON" ... and if the BIOS doesn't have an "ON" option, then see if you can get a BIOS upgrade. Well, of course, this BIOS only shows "AUTO" and "DISABLE" options.

I can't find an "official" updated driver from Gateway. Searching by motherboard part number (it's an ECS MCP61PM-AM Rev. 1.0) I've found two BIOS versions that supposedly work with this board: 61GW114GS and G1GW112GS, but on the Gateway site, neither one of those BIOS version show my MODEL GT5422E as a supported machine.

Any suggestions as to whether I could try either of those updated BIOS versions, in the hope that it'll have the necessary option to get this graphics card playing nicely? I don't want to brick my computer just because of this $40 graphic card but, darn, I should be able to get it to work!
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    Right click your volume icon in the taskbar, click playback devices, and make sure that the correct device is selected as the default.
  2. Hi, Aicom... you probably just saved my from killing my computer!

    The settings you mentioned were set just fine, but in the process of re-checking over the system one more time, I found my speakers were unplugged from the back of the computer! I probably jostled them out when I removed the old VGA cable. Thanks again for getting my old brain to think of the SIMPLE things, rather than jumping to a bios update conclusion.

    - Kayaker
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