Phenom 2 955 Black Edition 70 Degrees :-(

hello guys wierd problem my computer is always way too hot its hits 70 degrees on full load in prime 95 when i did a slight overclock from 3.2GHZ to 3.4GHZ i have only a standard AMD heatsink so i only wanted a small overclock i went into AMD Overdrive and then to novice mode and moved the slider across to performance then done i gained 200MHZ which im happy about :p

well prime 95 doesnt like she hit 70 degrees and the pc performance was slow and crashy so i cancelled it and defaulted my overclock to factory settings back to 3.2GHZ :-( i cant believe she hit that hot over such a mild overclock i think the CPU multiplyer only increased from 16 x to 17 :-) but nevermind im back on factory settings and just on the off chance ran prime 95 again and she hits the same temp everything is 100% reset and the computer was restarted here is a pic of the details

so she hot if i overclock and shes hot if im normal i dont get it i have 4 fans cooling my system so i have good airflow just dont understand this

can someone help me thanks

should i bump my cpu back to 3.4GHZ i get the same temp in any case :-(
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  1. How hot is the room it is in? The AMD stock cooler is decent but if your case is pretty hot its not going to fare too well, heatsinks run off of the difference between temperatures so if it was 60C when at full load when the case temp was 30C and the case temp is now 40C because its summer it will now be running at 70C. Depending on how well air conditioned the room is that can be a concern over the summer. I would also verify your temps using another program like HW monitor just to make sure that one program isnt reading high.
  2. whats room temps? room temps will make a big difference! some studies show room temps effect cpu temps 1 to 1... other studies show every degree room temps go up effect cpu by 2... and some show in the middle.. basically you need to get your CPU in a cooler room.... or else run it at stock specs.

    *best alternative for long term reliabliity would be invest $30 in a hyper 212+ heatsink which works great... and run ur CPU at stock specs (to keep it well below the overheating threshold)
  3. Thanks for the reply mate yer my room is realy hot as its very small room with my heater 32 inch LG TV that doesnt help at all lol if i get that heatsink would i still be able to overclock my system still i could buy some cheap fans from ikea to help thanks :)
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