Asus maximus debug leds not on nor system boot.

I am having trouble with new build. Connected powersupply to motherboard 24pin. board lights up goes through power cycle fans spin. No video signal present. No post no error beeps. Debug lights off completely. Removed all but 1 stick ram. No success. Help Please.
Thanks the noob.

Asus maximus extreme p67 mobo.
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    and what about the 8 pins on the motherboard
  2. scout_03 said:
    and what about the 8 pins on the motherboard

    great call I spaced the 8pins on the motherboard. Now I don't get a post but the debug code is 2E where in book is says 2B - 2F is memory initialization. Thanks for your quick help too.
  3. new builder mistake dont worry
  4. scout_03 said:
    new builder mistake dont worry

    have a clue whats up with error code 2E memory initializaton Scout
  5. do you have a error on the q-led that are on the board page 2-23 did you put memory stick as describe page 2-5 start with one stick at the time
  6. I have the same issue, first time build. What does it mean above by 8 pins?

    I have been looking and cannot seem to find anything.

    Also what is the inital video connection that should be used on the motherboard, I take it the HDMI port.

  7. @ jamesp_402 this board work with a 24 pins connector and also need and 8 pins connector from the power supply look at the board user manual
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