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Hey Guys as you can see by my SIG i have a MSI 870A - G46 and to be honest its quite a good motherboard but i recently saw that the CF capability is that the first pci-e slot is 16x and the second pci-e slot is only 4x would it benefit me more if i bought a 990fx motherboard such as the 990FX sabertooth which has dual 16x lanes or would it be better if i just stay with the 16x/4x mode
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  1. No benefit; most boards have less then 16x with more than one pci-e slot. Save your money for your next cpu/board/ram upgrade.
  2. take a look at this:
    AMD Radeon HD 5870 PCI-Express Scaling

    it compares using X8, X4 and X1 slots. i think you would be surprised at how little the performance hit is using a X4 slot.

    EDIT: though take into consideration that the 5870 isn't as powerful as most high rend cards today. which would make a larger difference with say a 7870.
  3. cheers guys so im guessing i might as well keep the money and not bother with the board upgrade due to a 5 percent increase by switching i dont think its really worth it but cheers guys for the help
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