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Please help.....I have a Dell Optiplex gx270 small desktop for my 4 year old son. I purchased a couple kids games for him, such as "Over the Hedge" and "Wonder Pets". The games will not play. The response is "not enough virtual memory". I am assuming I need a graphics card, but which one do I buy that will be compatible with this computer??????????????
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  1. That response is referring specifically to the physical ram in the pc.
    That being said a gpu can also alleviate system memory usage by using it's own memory.
    Chances are your pc only has 1GB most likely 512mb of ram.
    You can check by entering System Information in the control panel.
    If you're running XP and only have 512mb adding another 512 mb ram module= 1GB should be fine.
    Btw i bought a used GX270 for my mom and it came with XP and only 512mb of ram.
    Most games include the minimum and recommended system requirements on the box or somewhere in the documentation.
    This site is very handy for determining if a pc will run a game or not.
  2. Hello I have the exact same desktop. GX270 come out with both Pci and AGP. Virtual memory is controlled automatically by windows but is able to have custom setting put to it. Your virtual memory refers to how much spare space your hard drive has to use as virtual memory by windows and increasing this size will help by default from memory it's around 128Mb if this is pushed out to 256Mb or more you should not have too many troubles also it will depend on exactly how much system memory ( Ram ) you have installed on your machine default setting is the only recommended setting for systems with less than 1GB of Ram if you have more than this it is advisable to go no more than 50% of system memory. If that does not work then any Pci or Agp 4x/8x card up to 256Mb should be fine. Please be careful when choosing as there is Pci and then there is Pci-E X16. Pci-E X16 is the new format that is common in todays hardware. Agp4x/8x 256Mb low profile cards can also be used but they cost more. I hope this was of help. To give you some idea of what can be done to a Dell Optiplex GX270.

    CPU= 2.8GHz Hyper-Thread
    Ram= 2.5Gb
    HDD= 500Gb
    Optical Drive= DVD=RW 48x Read, 40x Write, 8x Rewrite
    Graphics= Pci 128Mb ATi Radeon 9250
    O.S = Window XP SP3
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