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MOtherboard & WIFI

This is my 1st time to build a computer! I want to connect to my cable internet and email service through my Motorola wireless router. I am purchasing an ASUS Sabertooth X79 Motherboard. Do I need to purchase some type of add-in card or something else to have the computer use WIFI?

You help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi there,

    Don't get any PCI wireless card. Get instead USB, it has more power, faster reconnecting times and longer distance coverage.

    I have Amped Wireless UA600 and after I got rid off my Linksys PCI card for this, What a difference that is. (I had this one

    No more disconnections, PCI device slows down the boot time too. When I start the PC, type the password, and click on tom's HW shortcut, it is displayed in a second!

    With that PCI (had 2 more to try) it started to connect after log in and it took few seconds.

    Love it! My wife's iPad has about 6 networks to connect, I have about 40!

    Linksys had about dozen.

    Also this USB has 2 USB connections, for better strength, as it supply more power.
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    You will need a wireless adapter, either USB or PCI/PCIe. newegg several; 5 are here.
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