Issues with my completed build

so I finally bought my parts and coming back because I have a few issues with the assembled system.

This is my current build:

i5 2500k - stock clocking/heatsink/cooler
Asus p8p67 le b3 "standard edition"
G.Skill Ripjaws 1333MHz DDR3 dual channel 2x2GB
Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 3.5" SATA-600 hard drives
ATI Radeon HD 6950 (was planning on a gtx 560 ti but they were all out of stock, everywhere - unbelievable - and I'm not waiting three weeks)

Here are the temps at stock (peak taken over 10 trials):
- Idle: 33C
- Light use: 45C
- Heavy load (gaming): 56C
- Insane load (LinX for 3 hours): 74C
- Idle: 32C
- Light use: 33C
- Heavy load (gaming): 79C
- Insane load (SiSandra benchmarks): 94C

Now I have a few questions:
- are these temps appropriate for stock cooling and no overclocking?
- in the BIOS I noted my memory seemed to be identified as 1600MHz dual channel memory, yet my sticks are 1333MHz, and it works perfectly (WEI rates it 7.9 and no errors yet)
- I put my RAM sticks in both blue slots, which correspond to slots 2 and 4 of the motherboard - are they actually running in dual channel, or should I move them to both black slots or put one in each color?
- In the first few seconds of booting, the computer comes up with "no hard disk detected", yet both hard drives work well and Windows boots great. Could the computer be referring to IDE hard drives?
- when checking CPU temps, the third CPU core seems to have lower temperatures than the three others (for instance the three others are running around 54C while the third is running at 48C), I'm thinking I may have applied the thermal paste unevenly, what do you think?
- The day after building (so after a few hours of use), I got a blue screen on startup coming from the ATI drivers, I rebooted and it worked perfectly again - could it be something wrong with my GPU?

Note that I always set my fans on maximum speed, I don't hear them at all while using my computer so meh, more cooling.

Thanks for your inputs. The GPU is great btw and I never dropped under 45 fps in any game I threw at it so far. :)
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  1. Sorry I made a little typo in the GPU temps - edited.
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    Temps look normal. GPU temp may be a bit high, but nothing that will hurt it.

    Maybe try turning the fan speed up a bit in CCC, at least while gaming.

    I wouldn't run my 1333 sticks at 1600, they may fail after a while. Manually set your memory timings, voltage and speed in the bios according to the memories specs.

    It probably loosened the timings to achieve 1600. For instance your ram maybe 9-9-9-20 and to achieve 1600 it may be running at like 10-10-10-25. Your better of running them at 1333 and the tighter timings. (lower timings are better)

    fluctuation between cores is normal. In some applications you can see up to 10c difference, that's because some cores are doing heavy work while others are not.
  3. Thanks for the reply. You are right on the memory sticks, my RAM is meant to run at 8-8-8-24, but currently runs at 9-9-9-24 (I think - can't remember last timing number). I'll have to go into the BIOS and change that.

    How do I turn the fan speed up in the control center? I just checked and they seem to be capped at 33% (1600rpm), but I can't see any way to make them faster. I found AMD Overdrive but it tells me it will void my warranty if I use it so I'm not sure this is the right way to do it.

    For the cores, just right now they are all idle and they are all showing 32-33C, except the third one showing 22C. I understand some software which doesn't use multiple cores may overuse the first one, resulting in higher temps, but isn't 22C at idle a bit... strange? Seems so low. Might be because my fans are always running at full rpm. But if it's not broke I'll leave it alone.

    I forgot to mention - I'm only using these fans:
    - retail CPU fan
    - case top fan
    - case side fan
    - PSU fan
    - and of course the GPU fan located within the beast

    Should I add another fan in the case or can I get away with increasing the GPU fan speed?
  4. AMD Overdrive will not void your warranty. Only if overclocking damages your gpu, will your warranty be void.

    Your not overclocking, your simply going to check the manual fan speed box and raise the fan speed.

    I would not worry about the cpu core. If I run a single threaded program my dual core (w/hyperthreading) can have a temp difference between core 0 and core 1 of 10c.
  5. Hi,
    okay I'll leave the CPU temps alone. It works perfectly anyway so :)

    I used AMD overdrive to raise the fan speed to 45% during gaming - it helped reduce the temps by 5-10C.

    But I'm wondering - I downloaded Furmark and ran a stability test on the GPU, and it gives real-time core clock information. I noticed the core clock never reached 800MHz as advertised, it hovers around 700MHz - is this sign of a bad or insufficient PSU or is it normal for modern cards?
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