GTX460 DirectCu (1GB/768MB) or HD6850 DirectCu

Hi everyone.

I've been flipping back and forth between the GTX 460 and the HD6850. I've got quotes for both in Asus DirectCU models.

GTX460 DirectCu 1GB - $239

GTX460 DirectCu 768MB - $230

HD6850 DirectCu 1GB - $203

Is the 1GB GTX a vast improvement over the 768MB?

My latest flip to the GTX side was because I think the prospect of 3D gaming sounds quite cool. The monitors are a little too expensive at the moment but a year down the track who knows? Is it worth paying almost $40 extra just for these capabilities though?

I've chosen the DirectCu versions as I go through quite hot summers where I live (in the middle of one now) and my current HD4850 is running a little too hot and acting up.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. The hd6850. It also has DH3D support I think, so you should be able play 3D games.
  2. What games do you play?

    What are your full system specs?(PSU,CPU,etc.etc.)

    If you play some Blizzard games i would suggest gettin the GTX460.Blizzard games favor Nvidia cards over ATI so you could see higher FPS with the 460 than the 6850.If you don't i would get the 6850.It performs better than the GTX460.Both O.C. very well.
  3. I play TF2, COD, a little starcraft, will definitely be playing Diablo3 when it comes out.

    System specs are;

    CPU - E8400 (Core2Duo 3.0GHz)
    PSU - Corsair 530W (or something close)
    RAM - 4GB (not on 64bit though)
  4. I think a e8400 would bottleneck a GTX 470, but after all, I do not know everything; please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Well, yes, but now the question is, can he do that??? :o
  6. Quote:
    E8400 is pretty easy to overclock but im not sure. Depends on his Mobo

    Forgot to mention that one, oops.

    Mobo = P5Q
  7. Quote:

    Wow, wish I was in the states for these kind of prices :(.

    Unfortunately I'm in Australia and that card would cost me pretty close the $300 mark
  8. Quote:
    P5Q P45? Then yeah it'll easily get to 4Ghz.

    That's the one, but anyway, GTX470 is a little out of my price range over here.

    Do you know how the 768MB GTX460 compares to the 1GB?
  9. Quote:
    What resolution do you plan on gaming at?

  10. ^+1 Yeah, 1gb will be waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better.
  11. If you are stuck between the two, I would get the GTX 460 for better drivers and PhysX, even if you don't use it, it's nice to have in reserve just in case.

    If you are interested in 3D Vision, the Nvidia system is proprietary, meaning everything is all put together in one kit, and features active shutter glasses that are synced to the screen refresh rate. The AMD system needs to be assembled from different vendors, with driver support provided by the vendors, not AMD. There are also few, if any, games that officially support AMD HD3D.
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