Video Card Buyers help.

I just bought a budget gaming rig.

Specs are:

Monitor: 19inch Widescreen (run games at 1400x900)
PSU: Rocketfish 600w
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 220 2.8ghz
RAM: 4g Crosshair DDR3
HD: WD 1TB SATA (7200rpm)

I'm looking to buy a card soon, didn't have the money right away. I'm looking for something under $200. Right around the $150 range is best. I was looking at the ATI 5770, but recently I've been told the GTX 460 is better. The games I want to play mostly are WoW and SC2. Maybe a few others. I've looked at bench marks and read some reviews on this website, but couldn't find anything that really swayed me one way. Please help :D
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  1. The 6850 would be the best card in your price range.It outperforms the GTX460 but since you only play Blizzard games i would suggest getting a GTX460.Blizzards games favor Nvidia cards over ATI so you will see greater performance with a gtx460 than with a 6850 while playing games from Blizzard.The 5770 is also a very good card but for $40 more you can almost double the performance with a gtx460.The GTX460 is the best bang for your buck in your situation.

    MSI GTX460 $180=$160 after MIR + Free Shipping
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