2 short beeps

Using Live update 5, i decided to update my BIOS to the latest version while in windows 7. After a while of watching the command prompt, the monitor signal was lost. Thinking this was normal, i waited a few minutes for the signal to return, or the pc to restart. After nothing, i decided to manually restart(probably not the best idea). Upon booting it, i got a 2 quick beeps, and a power loop, which i assumed was a memory problem. I tried reseating the RAM, and different memory. Removed ALL memory and got 3 beeps. Friend told my to clear CMOS, so i followed the MSI tutorial on youtube, but got the same error.

Any other things i need to try? I have gone through the FAQ thread

g.skill ripjaw x
msi gd43 b3
sapphire 6850
gs700(tested using paperclip, works fine)
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  1. nothing?
  2. Live update is garbage. I used it and it bricked my mobo. Same probably happened to you. Just RMA it.
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