Random and sudden reboots during gaming

My PC cause random reboots during some games and benchmarks.No BSOD ,black screen, freezing,artifacts,shutdowns just sudden reboot.Everything started after upgrading from 8800GTS to 460 GTX.These random and sudden reboots are so odd,let me explain one by one.

1.Sometimes games can be played for hours without any issues.
2.Another time having sudden reboots two minutes into the game.
3.,Sometimes get reboots during loading sense.
4.Some games and benchmarks cause reboots continuously but some games and benchmarks don't cause any issues at all.

Done one hour Prime95 and Furmark stability test separately then done both of them simultaneously and also Memtest86+ on boot and all those tests ran without any kind of issues.(during those test CPU temp 65 and GPU temp 75).Upgrade drivers and BIOS of mobo,graphic card,sound card and install fresh copy of windows but still getting random and sudden reboots during gaming.However if i turn on v-sync via in game or nvidia control panel those reboots can be minimize.

Core i7 920@2.8GHz
EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SuperClocked 1024MB EE
Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333@ 1066MHz
Creative X-FI Titanium
Thermaltake Toughpower 600W (2 years old)

sorry for my English
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  1. id say it sounds like a PSU issue. Make sure no cables are shorting out to the case or anything. Maybe isolate the components outside of the case to make sure and just run the PC on a bench for a while to see what happens.
  2. I agree, it does sound like PSU issues. The size is adequate. Do you have everything connected to the correct PSU cabling? After 2 years it could be off spec. but that is not very old for a quality PSU.
  3. Sounds like PSU, especially if your NOT getting any BSOD's. Still, 65C CPU temp is a BIT on the high side, so its possible you have occasional heat related issues...
  4. SOLVED,thx to u guys...........sorry for the delay,pretty busy last couple of days.Those random reboots were caused by my 2years old degrading PSU.Thanks for point me to the right direction to solve theses this matter quickly.
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