PC keeps freezing every 1-2 seconds( P67 build)

I'm also getting blue screen error "nv4_disp"(Nvidia Graphics Card bluescreen error) caused by the graphics card. But is that the reason why my screen freezes for 5-6 seconds? Or is it my motherboard or CPU? I don't think my graphics card is causing the freezes. Please help
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  1. Here are 3 possibilities that I can think of:

    1. Try reseating your video card - the pins may not be making contact properly (or they could be damaged and thus you'll need to replace it (try other others first before replacing)).
    2. Faulty/buggy drivers are another possibility. Try running in safe mode and see what happens. Safe mode uses very basic drivers provided by Windows. If safe mode does work, check the device manager for any hardware-related problems.
    3. Your power supply is inadequate (not enough watts or too low of amps on one of the rails). If this is a case, you'll need a new power supply that provides more watts.
  2. I've read somewhere on the forum that this is usually caused when HDD cables aren't placed on the right sata ports. Hence why I'm getting "no hard disk error" at the hard drive detection screen for the Marvel SATA III controller. But Windows was booting up fine so I never bothered much with it. Now I think this might be causing these random freezes. I will try changing the sata cables on different ports and let you know if its fixed
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