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My old PNY 8800GT is dying on me, and I need a replacement quick. The problem is the newer cards seems to take the space of two silver things in the back, and looking at my dell case, it will prob be a tight fit. The card will be almost touching the bottom of the computer case (I have no idea if that is okay or not). So my question is, what is a good video card that is small (one silver thing in the back) and around 100-200 dollars range. I'll be using this computer for movies and occasional gaming (WorldofWarcraft)

i-7 core
6gb ddr3
400w PSU :(
window vista 64bit :(

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  1. The Radeon 5770's can come in single slot versions, i believe off the top of my head that XFX do one.

    It will be a good upgrade from your 8800GT and will fit within the confines of your PSU (though i recommend you upgrade that in all honesty).
  2. yeah there are single slot 5770s like griffolion said, they are a little more expensive, but that is the most powerful option, although what is the make and model of your psu bc the 5770 may or may not run on that, I installed a 5770 on a friends dell xps 410 and his stock psu could not handle the 5770, although if you could power an 8800gt you will likely be able to power a 5770 imo, so get the 5770, definatley the most powerful thing that will run on your psu... and like Griff said, you should probably upgrade your psu soon if you can to a quality unit, I would like to agree with him and also echo the importance of upgrading your psu
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