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I'm looking to do a complete overhaul of my computer and want to know what would be a computer thats good with games (doesnt need all the eyecandy, some would be nice but rather have good playability) and can handle some 3D CAD work. All i need is a new Motherboard,CPU,RAM,Video Card, and DVD Burner. id like to get a decent AMD Athlon or Phenom dual-core or better. The gpu id like to be an ATi Radeon hopefully something like a HD5850 or close to it. Id like to get this all within a $300-350 price range, i have no preference on mobo brands as long as its good, same with the ram and dvd burner. I do not need the case, psu, or hdds so please dont suggest any of them.
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  1. How much CAD work are you talking about? If you want cad work you should get a stronger CPU and/or an actual workstation card.
  2. Sorry for the long reply but i got my new parts from a local shop my dad knew about, i got a Pentium Dual-Core E5700, 4GB of Kingston DDR3 PC10600 ram, a cheapo Intel DG41TX Mobo, and a Sapphire Radeon HD5750 Vapor-X GPU (once it gets here :P)
  3. ^ That's really bad compared to the build k1114 listed.
  4. Depends on the price he got it for.
  5. True, I just assumed it met his budget.
  6. only $200, but hey it plays Crysis 2 maxed out a 1280x1024 so its all good for me! Ive been hammering it with whatever i can and its been able to dish out a steady over 50 fps in all games maxed out, havent tried the original Crysis yet, but i will soon.
  7. ^ Ermm... for 200$ that's not bad.
  8. yeah GPU cost half of the whole thing, but its well worth it. Glad my dad knows people locally :D
  9. it gonna struggle to play the originial crysis
  10. I shall find out shortly, i image it will. but so far its blown everything out of the water performance wise
  11. good luck
  12. Also k1114, thanks for the input but compared to what i used to have, thats a decent machine. Also for what i use its certainly no where near low specs. i dont have a huge res i run at, nor do i need all the eye candy with high frame rates. I can easily tolerate 20+ fps in games because i was used to it on my old machine, however this new one has been rather impressive and delivers much higher fps then i expected with all the gadgets and gizmos. So coming from an old Pentium 4 3.0Ghz Prescott, 1.5GB DDR400 RAM, a Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 AGP 512MB to what i have now, is quite a leap. Also i passmarked the two cpus and the E5700 scored higher then the 260 Regor, which surprised me a little, and the 5750 isnt a bad card by any means, does a whole lot better job at handling what i throw at it then the old stuff. Only thing i see thats the worst in the new build would be the mobo only for the fact it does not have many BIOS options, nor does it really have the upgradability as far as RAM and Expansions go :cry: . Other then that im liking the new stuff quite well.
  13. You got it for a good price. Don't buy performance you don't need.
  14. Exactly my reason for not getting a quad core yet lol no need for it playing games at 1280x1024! XD or a super gpu lol or xfire for that matter aswell
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