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MSI N460GTX twin frozr

Hey guys,
I just built my first system about 3 weeks back. I ordered a barebones off of and put an MSI n460gtx card in it. It has worked fine for about the last 3 weeks and today I came home from school and tried to play League of legends and it started flaking out on me. There is long lines going off of the figures and trees. I tried to play WoW and it all seemed fine until I tried to move and it crashed the whole game. It's weird because i can still play full 1080p videos off of youtube.

My question is do you think that the graphics card is getting enough power? People here told me that the power supply sucked but it had all good reviews on If not do you think it could just be a lemon card? since it ran for nearly three weeks perfectly can I still return it and if so do I contact or MSI?
System specs:
CPU: 2nd Gen Intel I5 3.3ghz
RAM: One 4GB stick of DDR 1333 Pioneer ram
Hard Drive: Seagate baracuda low power 5200rpm 1tb hd
Opticle drive: Generic dvd r+w
PSU: Ultra 550 lifetime series
Graphics Card: MSI N460GTX Twin FROZR II
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  1. Should have listened to the advice about the PSU, no name brands will not give you your money's worth.

    With that said, it might not be your power supply. It could be an issue with your GPU too. Did you install any updates or anything like that? Anything change in your system at all?

    Check your temperatures to make sure there isn't a heat problem.

    You can download OCCT to do a test on your CPU, GPU, and then your PSU. See if they pass or not. I'd do the CPU first, if it fails, then it is your power supply most likely. Then do the GPU test, if it fails, then it could be your power supply or the gpu. Then do the PSU test, if it fails, then it is most likely your PSU but also could be the gpu too.

    If you have another graphics card that has similar or more power requirements, try it out. If you have another power supply, try it out. That will be the easiest way to figure out which one has the issue.
  2. Your PSU is fine; did you plug in BOTH PCIe 6pin connectors?

    Ultra is tigerdirect's brand (tigerdirect is the biggest online retailer of computer components) and are relatively high quality.
  3. The only change i can think of would be that i made my first project on this computer in visual studio 2010 so unless the IDE could screw up the card there was no changes. I used occt and it wont let me access the gpu or power test but i ran the graphics memtest (i ran 10 rounds) and the processor test and passed both
  4. If OCCT passed then you might have a driver issue. Did windows update any drivers for you recently? See if you have the latest nvidia drivers, if not try them, if you do try rolling back to the original drivers that came with the card.

    Also, try turning on vertical sync in game, see if that helps at all. Also, is this happening in all games? Is it crashing in all games, or doing different things?
  5. It does different things for WoW and League of Legends. In world of warcraft it just gets these big huge blocks of color and i cant see anything then i stop moving and it will go back to normal but once i start moving it artifacts again. It doesnt matter what resolution or graphics settings I use it still happens. In league of legends its hard to explain but its like people are being sucked into a black hole. There is long lines of color coming off the figures. I have noticed the last few days that the framrate has been jumping around alot. It will go from 50 to 55 to 81 to 60 to 61 in random orders even with my frame cap set to 60fps. When i first started using it it would sit at 60 or 59 and maybe fluctuate a little. Since my last post I have done a system restore to as far back as possible and reloaded my graphics drivers from nvidia and still nothing. If the card was bad wouldnt the whole screen artifact or wouldnt videos be messed up? Also my youtube vids were showing up as just green screens but reinstalled flash and that worked. PS one other question my PSU is bottom mounted so the fan points up towards my graphics card and my graphics card fans point down towards the psu i dont think this matters but... Please help im getting frustrated do you think the card is going bad?
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    Download HWMonitor and monitor the temperatures to see if they are getting too hot. Report here what your temps are on idle and then while gaming (if you have only one monitor, quickly alt tab and do a screenshot while in game).

    The reason youtube is fine or other videos is because they don't really tax your video card at all. They are 2D, unlike games that are 3D, so your graphics card is probably only using 1% of its ability when watching videos. In games, the rending switches to 3D and so your graphics card gets utilized more.

    OCCT passed even the fullscreen test GPU test? How long did you run it for?

    Let's see the temps, but another thing to try is moving the graphics card to another PCI-E socket to see if the socket is the problem.
  7. it says my direct x 9 isnt up to date so i wont be able to run the gpu or power supply tests... Can you download direct x?
  8. yeah, you'll need to update it, that might be your problem all along.

    I think this is the link:
  9. Also, try this, might make it easier:
  10. Ok I reloaded my OS and everything works again. My graphics card is being super unstable in framerates during league of legends games. It will go from 35 one second to 85 the next and I have the frame cap on at 60fps. Also when I go into the bios it says WARNING we dont suggest you set your v core to over 1.4v and it is stock set at 1.56v My bios says the cpu is sitting at around 55c. That is scary high for just idling in bios is it not? PS this system only has one system fan in the back and there is 2 spots on top for 2 120mm fans and one in front. I think im going to get another 120mm fan and put it in the front as an exhaust. So my thought is that this could be a heat issue and I need another system fan on my MOBO.
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