Is this a good gaming cpu for non overclockers

intel i5 2400,MSI H67MA-E35,transcend ram 4gb ddr3 1333mhz,,corsair 550w psu,cooler master elite 430 cabinet,xfx ati 6870 1gb
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  1. Its not bad better then most other cheaper choices, I will still go with a 2500 i5 over that.
  2. Yeah for the little extra money you will a whole load of improvment from the 2500. If the 2500 is within your budget then its a no brainer.
  3. ok i will get 2500 is there any changes to be made
  4. Mobo and case are cool, psu is good make, i assume your not looking to crossfire two cards in future, if not then thats fine. How much are you gonna be paying for 6870?
  5. im in india im paying 210 u.s$ for ati 6870..does i have to buy a corsair ram or transcend ram will be enough for gaming
  6. The differences between the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K and the Intel Core i5-2500 come down to just a couple things.
    Intel Core i5-2500:
    -Support for TXT (Trusted Execution Technology)
    -Support for VT-d (virtualization directed I/O)
    -Intel HD 2000 Graphics
    Intel Core i5-2500K:
    -Unlocked multiplier (allows overclocking of the processor)
    -Intel HD 3000 Graphics
    Now there is about a $ 15 dollars price difference between these processors and with the better graphics for back up the value for the Intel Core i5-2500K is still thought to be worth more than the $15 even if you don’t overclock.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  7. Try and see how much you can get g skill rip jawsx 1600mhz ram fro sandy bridge
  8. but sir im using a discrete card so i cant use the hd 3000 graphics card is ati 6850 im using h67 chipset i cannot overclock my processor ..thats why im going to 2500 sir..
  9. Thats cool, if not going to overclock then just get 2500.
  10. I have a 2500k and a gtx 560ti and i havent overclocked the cpu and it absolutely flies
  11. r u having p67 chipset if it is u can overclock it..but im using h67 chipset
  12. i Know im just letting you know the performance without overclocking. So what im saying is if you have no intention of overclocking just get the 2500, it is very good
  13. Can you afford a little more for graphics card?
  14. i can get gtx 560
  15. GTX 560 > HD6870
    Edit: GTX 560ti > HD6870
  16. Get the 560ti, if you cant afford that get 6950. Where do you buy from, Newegg?
  17. no im buying from a whole sale shop in my area...
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