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Intel DH55TC and GTX 570


I'm having a small issue here, I'm not really sure where is the problem exactly, I'm trying to run Battlefield 3, I just got GTX 570 overclock by EVGA.

I'm using Intel DH55TC, 4 GB RAM Kingston, I5 @3.19

every time I run the game, it freezes, its not the graphic card because I have 4 computers netwrok setup with same specification and all of them have the same problem.

I just tried to open the case for more air, it did not freeze yet, can it be overheat problem or you think motherboard or cpu too low for this graphic ?

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    the easiest way to know if overheating is the problem is to run a monitoring program. is a decent program that does this.
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    what degree considered overheated ?

    at this pc I have cpu max 49 graphic 53.

    I'll check my computers with the problem and report the readings.
  3. you have those temps while gaming? or with normal use? they make sense for normal use and idle temps, but those are very low for load temps. I would expect the cpu to be 60-70c and the gpu to be 80-90 for normal load temps.
  4. Another thing you may want to consider is testing the ram with memtest. and checking your psu's. you have 4 computers on a network at the same time playing BF3? what is your network speed. where are you located and where is the server you are playing on located? if you are in asia playing on a US server with a low bandwidth, it could be you are experiencing lag due to the long delay in communications.
  5. i,

    thanks for the reply, I found the following reading while playing
    on mother board something called cputin reached 98C
    Graphic temps: 64C max.

    the rest looks normal even the graphic card temp looks normal.

    any idea ?
  6. What do your CPU core temps read. That CPUTIN is the CPU Temperature input and sometimes has errors in software.

    What cpu cooler are you using?
  7. I'm using the intel fan if I'm not mistaken, but I actually solved the problem.

    so for anyone who is facing a freeze/crash issue with GTX 570 here what I did, my specification are not great, very normal and that's why I thought the problem is from cpu/ram..etc

    anyway, the fix was by
    -I increased the voltage of the graphic card by the EVGA Precision software since my card is overclocked by EVGA
    -updated my PB from my game directory
    - went to start -> programs files -> Accessories then right click on Command Prompt, run as administrator and type the following "bcdedit /set increaseuserva 2500" then click enter <- this is the most important step
    - update graphic card driver
    -restart pc
    that worked for me and I played for at least 1h without crash so far.

    thanks a lot Kelthic
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  9. no problem, glad you got it resolved!
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