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I looking at putting a faster cpu in my laptop which has an intel core 2 duo T5800 2.0 ghz cpu; intel chipset 965 PM with 800 FSB and p socket. I want to upgrade my DAW Sonar 8 to Sonar X1 which they suggest as mininum requirments as core 2 dou 2.67ghz. They give the E8200 cpuas an example. This cpu runs on a faster FSB and therefore faster ram but they don't specify ram speeds just that it's 2gb( i'v got 3gb 667mhz)There are two 2.6 ghz intels for laptops that I have found so far. A couple of cpu look as though they might be compatible:- the t9500 and the t7800.

This will invalidate my warranty which runs out in 5 months so I need to be careful to get everything right. I'm not sure if the bios needs ajusting in some way or if it's a case of just putting the processor in. Also, the getting the correct thermal paste is a concern and it also has a dedicated graphics card: nvidea G8600 GT-Both processors sharing the same heat pipe.

Anyone, who has any expert advice or suggestings will be of great benefit.
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  1. Dell have informed me that the T7800 in fully compatible with the chipset, heatsink and fan but that the my M1510 wasn't designed for the T9500. I'm still checking out the thermal paste bu the tech guy said any good thermal paste will do
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