Audio loses bass and cracks on and off every second once I go above a certain au

I have been searching the net for an answer to this problem but to no avail. I have a cross hair IV rog MB and I have the 5.1 set up to some speakers and sub. I was recently on a you tube website when all of a sudden my audio began to crack/distort every second at a realtively moderate. I noticed that it also does the same thing when I switched the audio oer to the hsmi port in my tv. I reinstalled the audio drivers as well as my video card drivers several times now with no fix. I'm really at witts end here and have no idea how to solve this problem. The steange thing is when I have the audio very low on each seperate device I can here the audio reengage normally but as soon as I begin to turn up the volume to around 12-15 it starts cutting out on me once again. If you can help me out with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to avoid having to install a 5.1 sound card on my MB if I can get the onboard audio to work again.
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  1. Oh ya I forgot to add I'm running Windows 7 64bit
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